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Last Updated Date and Time: 2 Feb 2021 08:12:14 PM
  • Giant shield bug (juvenile)

    Pycanum sp. family tessaratomidae

Recorded By: IZ Moh
Category: Arachnid / Insect
Date Spotted: 2 Feb 2021


size 1 cm spotted
Where seen? These brightly coloured bugs are sometimes seen on Simpoh air (Dillenia suffruticosa) which they are believed to feed on.

What are shield bugs? They are True Bugs that belong to Order Hemiptera. All members of the Family Tessaratomidae feed on plants, sucking the sap. Some are agricultural pests, some can produce defensive chemicals. Some also look after their eggs.

Features: Adult about 3cm long, green with orange-black banding on the lower body edge. Nymphs somewhat rectangular smaller, green or red.