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  2. General

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  5. The entity that holds the valid copyright or intellectual property for the subject data shall be the data owner (“Data Owner”). The National Parks Board shall be the data custodian for the distribution of information used or collected by a Data Owner that is deemed to be public record (“Data Custodian”). The Data Custodian may also be responsible for the collection, maintenance or update of a Data Owner's data. The Data Custodian may or may not also be the data owner.

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  10. Use of data

  11. All users will take all necessary measures and precautions to protect the security and confidentiality of the data in the system.

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  13. All users will prevent the unauthorised publication or disclosure of the data. If such data is published or disclosed, due acknowledgement shall be given to “BIOME / SGBioAtlas, National Parks Board”.

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  16. Right of Access

  17. National Parks Board reserves all rights to deny or restrict access to this Website to any particular person, or to block access from a particular Internet address to this Website, at any time, without ascribing any reasons whatsoever.