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Speckle-headed whip snake

Last Updated Date and Time: 12 Mar 2024 12:17:43 PM
  • Speckle-headed whip snake

    Ahaetulla fasciolata (reptilia: serpentes: colubridae)

Recorded By: Lavie Golenberg
Category: Reptile
Date Spotted: 29 Feb 2024


Local Man Discovers Rare Twig Actually an Exotic Snake While Taking Leisurely Stroll in Botanic Gardens

SINGAPORE—In a harrowing tale that will surely make the history books, Lavie Golenberg found himself face to face with the wildlife equivalent of a needle in a haystack during his routine morning constitutional through the Singapore Botanic Gardens. What started as a peaceful amble quickly turned into a heart-pounding adventure as Golenberg stumbled upon what he initially mistook for a mere twig—but oh, how wrong he was.

"No, it wasn't just any twig," Golenberg recounted, still visibly shaken from the encounter. "It was smooth. Smooth, I tell you! And beige! Can you imagine? I knew right then and there that something was afoot in the realm of flora and fauna."

With the stealth of a jungle cat, Golenberg pursued the suspiciously smooth twig, his senses attuned to every rustle and chirp in the surrounding foliage. "The silence was deafening," he whispered dramatically, as though recounting a scene from a blockbuster thriller. "I followed that twig, my heart pounding louder than the drums of a rock concert, until I finally stumbled upon... the truth."

And what a truth it was. For what appeared before Golenberg's disbelieving eyes was not a twig at all, but a snake! Not just any snake, mind you, but the exceedingly rare speckle-headed whip snake—a creature so elusive that its last reported sighting dated back to the era of February 2017.

"I didn't know it was rare," Golenberg admitted, his voice trembling with the weight of the discovery, "but I knew. Oh, I knew. And to think, I found it on February 29th, of all days! A leap year, no less! It's as if fate herself conspired to bring us together on this auspicious occasion."

Experts are now scrambling to document Golenberg's extraordinary encounter, dubbing it the "Twiggate" phenomenon and hailing him as the unwitting hero of Singapore's wildlife conservation efforts. "It's truly remarkable," exclaimed renowned herpetologist on the scene, wiping away a tear of awe. "To stumble upon such a rare specimen while merely out for a stroll—it's the stuff of legend!"

As for Golenberg, he plans to cherish the memory of his serendipitous rendezvous with nature for years to come. "Who knew that a simple morning walk could turn into a front-page sensation?" he mused, gazing wistfully into the distance. "But then again, in the wild world of Singapore's Botanic Gardens, anything is possible—even finding a snake disguised as a twig."

Truly, a tale for the ages.