Research Permit Application List

Research Title Permit Issued Date
Seagrass Monitoring and Sediment Study for Baseline Monitoring 19 September 2022
Conservation genetics of three charismatic butterfly species of Singapore 14 September 2022
Study on nutrient resorption and leaf litter decomposition rates of selected short-lived and long-lived native pioneer tree species in Singapore 14 September 2022
Field Sampling for BL5322 (FIELD TECHNIQUES IN BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION) 14 September 2022
Dynamics of the metals in the intertidal region of Singapore 14 September 2022
Measuring thermal performance and biodiversity of rock cliffs and green walls 07 September 2022
Trophic ecology of decapod crustaceans in Nee Soon Swamp Forest 29 August 2022
Investigating interactions amongst saproxylic insects, symbiotic fungi and host trees across the Singaporean forest gradient 29 August 2022
Marine skaters of Singapore 29 August 2022
Singapore Wild Boars – Quantify Environmental Impacts, Understand and Model Population Demographics and Home Ranges across Habitats (Part 1: Population Modelling) 23 August 2022
Computational approaches for charting the biomedical potential of plants in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve 18 August 2022
Soil and air samples 17 August 2022
Aquatic fauna surveys in CCNR 12 August 2022
NUS-Temasek Blue Carbon Project 12 August 2022
Water sample collection for LSM 4260 Plankton Ecology Practical 11 August 2022
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of Mandai Mangrove and Mudflat Nature Park 02 August 2022
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for Vegetation at Laurel Wood Avenue 02 August 2022
Extent of arbuscular fungi (AMF) colonisation on invasive plants (Dioscorea sansibarensis, Clidemia hirta, Smilax setosa) in Singapore’s secondary forests 27 July 2022
A pilot of site-specific restoration of degraded reef areas in Singapore: light limited reef zones 26 July 2022
Observational study of smooth-coated otters, and collection of faeces for genetic analysis 26 July 2022
Preliminary study on the soundscape of the coastal marine environment of Singapore 21 July 2022
Biological Control of US Weeds Native to Australia and SE Asia 21 July 2022
61803270: Environmental Impact Assessment for Proposed Extension of Slipway for Outward Bound Singapore at Camp 2, Pulau Ubin – Baseline Surveys 14 July 2022
Environmental Baseline Survey at Alexandra Hospital 14 July 2022
Bird song and insect call timing and qualities in relation to urban ambient sounds 12 July 2022
Investigating mangrove environments to reconstruct historical sea-level changes in Singapore 06 July 2022
Biodiversity Cultivation & Enhancement at Keppel Bay Plot 4 (Phase 3 & 4) 06 July 2022
Investigating bacterial communities in waters within seagrass meadows 05 July 2022
61803068 - Feasibility and Environmental Study for floating solar PV at Sebarok 04 July 2022
Abundance and habitat selection of Malayan Water Monitors at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve 30 June 2022
Functional response of Irmengardia johnsoni under the effect of different water pH and food types 27 June 2022
Plant functional traits and coexistence in tropical forests 27 June 2022
61800926: Environmental Impact Study for the Round Island Route Phase 1 24 June 2022
Pulau Ubin Mangrove Restoration Survey 23 June 2022
Studying the adaptive advantages of butterfly wing spot versus eyespot patterns in deterring predators 22 June 2022
Changi East Sand Stockpiling Environmental Monitoring and Management Plan (CESS EMMP) 22 June 2022
Assessing potential ecological impacts and invasive potential of non-native parrots in Singapore 22 June 2022
CCNR-WYK Bird and Mammal Surveys 21 June 2022
Investigating environmental controls on survival of Pocilloporidae corals 14 June 2022
Feeding Ecology of Dugong dugon in Singapore 10 June 2022
Measuring and analysing microplastic abundance trend in Singapore’s coastal waters over the course of a year. 09 June 2022
A comprehensive survey of beetle species in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve 08 June 2022
Kranji Rewilding project seed, wildling and cutting collection 07 June 2022
Endophyte fungal diversity of mangrove trees 03 June 2022
Do Soil Nutrients and Plant Functional Traits explain Arrested Succession in Two Types of Secondary Forest in Singapore? 03 June 2022
Environmental regulation on seagrass growth 01 June 2022
Very high-resolution mapping of seagrass and macroalgae 31 May 2022
Eco-cement for protection of coastline and enhancement of marine ecosystem 30 May 2022

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