Research Permit Application List

Research Title Permit Issued Date
Spatial and temporal distribution of cryptobenthic reef fishes 30 August 2018
Assessing the identities of Heterometra spp. (Echinodermata: Crinoidea: Himerometridae) in Singapore based on morphological and molecular data 21 August 2018
Wild boar microbiome 20 August 2018
Functional ecology of Singapore forests - can functional and physiological traits help predict the long-term future of Singapore's tree communities? 16 August 2018
Development of seawater desalination process - 2nd location 16 August 2018
Long Term Environmental Monitoring at Coney Island 16 August 2018
Multimodel communication in crabs 15 August 2018
Biological Control of US Weeds Native to Australia and SE Asia 10 August 2018
Microbial isolates for the production of value-added metabolites and proteins 10 August 2018
Thermal ecology of Neritidae on tropical seawalls 10 August 2018
Rapid Biodiversity Impact Assessment 08 August 2018
A Survey of Tropical Macrofungi and Associated Arthropods in Singapore 07 August 2018
Study on the ultrasonic acoustic of Orthoptera in Singapore 30 July 2018
A study of biomarkers in Thais sp. as indicators of environmental stress in fixed concentration of heavy metals. 25 July 2018
Ecological interactions of stick insects 24 July 2018
Consultancy Services for Shoreline Works and Coastal Boardwalk in Pulau Ubin – Environmental Impact Assessment 24 July 2018
A comparative study of cellular and biochemical responses of intertidal gastropods at East Coast Park, Berlayer Creek and St John’s Island to stress by heat and exposure 16 July 2018
CTFS plot census 2018 13 July 2018
A comparison of suitability between multiple beaches in Singapore to investigate the preference for sea turtle landings and nestings 13 July 2018
Feeding Ecology of Dugong dugon in Singapore 13 July 2018
Ultrasound calls of the Sunda colugo (Galeopterus variegatus) 11 July 2018
Understanding basic ecological processes on seawalls in Singapore 02 July 2018
Spatial Ecology of King Cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) 20 June 2018
Sing-a-Pore Camp 2018 08 June 2018
Baseline Study for a Confidential Project at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve 07 June 2018
CODEFISH-SG: Building a foundation for a unified marine biodiversity knowledge base by analysing Singapore’s marine ichthyofauna using morphological and molecular tools 01 June 2018
Research into nutrient uptake of rainforest tree seedlings from degraded forest sites. 28 May 2018
The ecology, life history and evolutionary biology of Aerodramus swiftlets in Singapore 25 May 2018
The predation of saltwater crocodiles (Crocodylus porosus) nests by mesopredators in Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. 21 May 2018
Geographical Investigaion 11 May 2018
A Phylogenomic Approach to Resolve Relationships Among Theraphosidae 07 May 2018
Comprehensive Ubin Biodiversity Survey 06 May 2018
Identifying the Primary and Secondary dispersers of nutmegs in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Upper Seletar Reservoir Park, Upper Pierce Reservoir Park, MacRitchie Nature Trail, and Pulau Ubin 03 May 2018
Checklist of Spiders in Singapore Botanic Gardens Rainforest 27 April 2018
Sex allocation, reproductive strategies and reproductive senescence in fungiid corals: a comparative study in the coral reefs of Israel and Singapore 24 April 2018
Environmental Impact Study for a confidential development 18 April 2018
Physical Parameters and a Survey of Arthropods of Jurong Lake 16 April 2018
Assessment of Impact of Management Practices on Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Singapore Soils 13 April 2018
Various classes on plant diversity, taxonomy, identification, and horticulture 12 April 2018
test post 3b 27 March 2018
Data Collection for Singapore Tree Species to Model Large Scale 3D Trees in Virtual Singapore 22 March 2018
A multi-ecosystem examination of Singapore’s marine fungal biodiversity and community structure to enhance conservation measures. 21 March 2018
A comprehensive survey of beetle species in Singapore 19 March 2018
Idioctis littoralis to Root the Theraphosid Phylogeny 15 March 2018
Distribution of Oriental Pied Hornbill in South-central Singapore 15 March 2018
Investigating the impacts of the installation of solar panels on aquatic and lake margin communities in Upper Peirce and Tengeh reservoirs. 08 March 2018
Crocodile spotlight survey and biopsy 06 March 2018
Ant assemblages on Lornie Trail 06 March 2018
Inferring environmental change and ecosystem response associated with urbanisation and industrialisation in tropical Asia: Sedimentary evidence from Singapore’s Central Catchment 05 March 2018
Measuring people's perception of ecological functions 02 March 2018
A study into the effects of historical landuse and subsequent reforestation on the soil quality in forests 28 February 2018
Genetic Diversity of Basidiomycetes fungi isolated from mushroom fruiting bodies in Singapore 28 February 2018
Fungi across forests and parks in Singapore 27 February 2018
Resolution of new ant species from Singapore mangroves 27 February 2018
Investigating the anthropogenic impacts on Bukit Timah Nature Reserve 27 February 2018
Minimizing Anthropological impacts on Bukit Timah Nature Reserve by increasing public accessibility to hiking sticks. 27 February 2018
geographical investigation for secondary 2 students 26 February 2018
Uncovering ecological design potential to promote the spontaneous growth of plants in a tropical city 26 February 2018
Educational BioBlitz for NUS(USP) module ULS2208: Biodiversity and Natural History in Singapore 26 February 2018
The Invertebrates of Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park 23 February 2018
Population status of the Estuarine Crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) in Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Singapore 23 February 2018
James Cook University BS1007 "Mollusca and Annelida" practicals 23 February 2018
Biodiversity Beach Patrol 22 February 2018
The current abundance of non-native sliders in Singapore water bodies 20 February 2018
Weekly Compliance and Visual Biodiversity Monitoring for Supply and Laying of Additional Outlet Pipes at Bukit Kallang Service Reservoir Area 12 February 2018
The mechanisms and regulation of freshwater stream communities for habitat restoration 03 February 2018
Population assessment and assessment of ecological niche the critically endangered Cacatua sulphurea in Singapore 31 January 2018
Investigating the Effects of Biogenic Amines on the Personality of the Jumping Spider, Portia labiata 29 January 2018
Personality and its genetic factors in a jumping spider 29 January 2018
Study of wasp species in Bukit Timah 29 January 2018
Installation of On-site Weather Stations and Outdoor Thermal Comfort Survey 25 January 2018
Influence of place attachment on the connection to nature and tolerance towards wild natural stimuli 25 January 2018
Reproductive behaviour in the Asian Ant Mantid 22 January 2018
Aquatic fauna surveys in CCNR 21 January 2018
An Estimation and Assessment of Carbon Stocks in the Nee Soon Swamp Forest 20 January 2018
As a buffer zone, how is the infiltration rate of soil in Dairy Farm Nature Park affected with an increasing proximity to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve? 02 January 2018
Thomson Nature Park 20 December 2017
Object Manipulation of Wild Macaques Habituated to Humans 20 December 2017
Proposed seawall biodiversity enhancement study on Pulau Hantu and Lazarus Island 18 December 2017
Plant collecting for the SBG Herbarium. 15 December 2017
Pulau Ubin Archaeological Survey 11 December 2017
Ecological and Molecular basis for plants with asynchronous/ intermittent flowering. 07 December 2017
Soil Sampling for Baseline Environmental Radioactivity Monitoring 04 December 2017
Springleaf Forest Hydrology and Biodiversity Baseline Studies 01 December 2017
Comparative study on human-hornbill interaction 10 November 2017
Mandai Invertebrate Surveys 10 November 2017
Litter decomposition in the tropics: Investigating home-field advantage in pristine and disturbed sites 10 November 2017
Characterisation of Soil Across Singapore for Application in Forensic Pedology 09 November 2017
Biogeography and wood digestion of Singaporean marine wood borers 09 November 2017
Marine Debris in Singapore: Establishing a national baseline, citizen science monitoring and data sharing 02 November 2017
2-Day Workshop: Practical Moth Identification & Recording 02 November 2017
Population-genomic and habitat study of horseshoe crabs of Singapore 02 November 2017
Taxonomy of Limnonectes paramacrodon complex in Singapore 30 October 2017
Does the chelicerae (and fang) shape and size play a role in determining the success of male-male competition in Myrmarachne. 30 October 2017
Effect of chela colour on mate choice of Episesarma spp. 30 October 2017
Taxonomy and systematics of ectomycorrhizal fungi of Singapore 16 October 2017
Bird Diversity in Urban Green Spaces 09 October 2017
Frequency dependent selection pressure and genetic variation in Papilio polytes butterflies 06 October 2017
Quantification of mammal roadkill and analysis of roadkill sites on mainland Singapore 06 October 2017

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