Research Permit Application List

Research Title Permit Issued Date
Population genetics and Connectivity of Singapore mangroves 30 May 2022
Long-Term Urban Mangrove Protection, Understanding, & Rehabilitation Project (LUMPUR) 30 May 2022
Soil sampling for antimicrobial resistance in bacteria and the role of bacteriophages 30 May 2022
Rural Flavivirus surveillance in Singapore 27 May 2022
Phytoremediation of heavy metals: Plant-microbe-chemical interaction 26 May 2022
Building Climate Resilience at High Density Cities Using Multi-Physical Modelling and Field Measurement 26 May 2022
Tabernaemontana divaricata biosynthetic pathways 19 May 2022
61803219: Environmental Baseline Survey at Southeast Coast of Singapore 13 May 2022
Water Resources Management: Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park 13 May 2022
Rapid biodiversity survey at Alexandra Woodland 12 May 2022
Survey for Nocticolidae Cockroach 09 May 2022
The role of microbes in the mangrove blue carbon cycle 29 April 2022
Sargassum ilicifolium collection for isolation of bacteria 27 April 2022
Strategizing Forest Restoration at Chestnut Nature Park 26 April 2022
Specialist Consultancy Services for EIA for Proposed Coastal Works at Changi North 26 April 2022
Characterisation of Soil Across Singapore for Application in Forensic Pedology 21 April 2022
Phenology of Resident Tropical Birds 21 April 2022
Mosquito (Diptera: Culicidae) diversity in Singapore 21 April 2022
Microbial transformation of plastics in Singapore 21 April 2022
Flora, Visual and Acoustic Bat Surveys at Lorong Halus 14 April 2022
Environmental Baseline Survey at Southeast Coast of Singapore 14 April 2022
Environmental Baseline Study at Sungei Pandan 12 April 2022
Southern Islands Biodiversity Survey (Intertidal) 11 April 2022
Biophysical and biochemical investigations of the spinning process of spiders. 11 April 2022
Modelling the distribution of coastal blue carbon using environmental DNA 11 April 2022
Specialist Consultancy Services for Environmental Impact Study (East Area) 07 April 2022
Molecular mechanism behind the evolution and development of the tail in Ictinogomphus decoratus Schmidt, 1934 04 April 2022
Ecology Baseline Survey for EIS at DE170 (Tengah) 04 April 2022
Food sources, feeding techniques and activity patterns of Tanimbar corella (Cacatua goffiniana) in Singapore 01 April 2022
Investigating the relationship between soil composition and water infiltration rate 01 April 2022
Conduct environmental monitoring at Pulau Ubin to enhance student learning (from NP/RP18-117b) 31 March 2022
Infrastructure Works at HDB Development in Ulu Pandan 30 March 2022
Biodiversity and Environmental Studies for Bukit Batok Nature Corridor 30 March 2022
Marine Environmental Impact Assessment and Ship Handling Study at Lorong Halus 30 March 2022
Development of a method to isolate microbial DNA and RNA from humic-rich samples/soils 24 March 2022
Air Sampling in Admiralty Park 15 March 2022
Mangrove, Intertidal and Seagrass Survey at Changi Beach adjacent to Tanah Merah Coast Road 14 March 2022
Environmental Impact Assessment at Changi North 11 March 2022
61803172: Specialist Consultancy Services for EIA for Proposed Coastal Works at Changi North (Site Reconnaissance Survey) 10 March 2022
An investigation of the pollinator diversity of edible plants in allotment gardens 09 March 2022
Marine stingers: effects of sea warming and food availability on jellyfishes using ecological and genetic approaches 09 March 2022
Survey of intertidal communities and coastal forest vegetation on St John's Island and Lazarus Island as part of undergraduate AAB30A course 09 March 2022
Rhythmic Behaviours on Onch slugs (Family Onchidiidae) 08 March 2022
Provision of Consultancy Services for an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for a Proposed Integrated Development at Marina Coastal Drive (Study) 04 March 2022
Spatial and genetic connectivity of fish populations within marine habitats of Singapore. 03 March 2022
Spatial connectivity of fish populations within marine areas of Singapore 03 March 2022
Relationship of oysters in modern day of Singapore to the sea-level 03 March 2022
Isolation of soil bacteria 03 March 2022
Investigating the historical biogeography and evolution of avian lice (Insecta: Phthiraptera) 02 March 2022
Aquafeeds from a microbial bioconversion platform: microbial and insect ingredients 22 February 2022

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