Research Permit Application List

Research Title Permit Issued Date
Specialist Consultancy Services for Environmental Impact Assessment for Proposed Coastal Works 28 June 2021
Managing Human-Animal conflict: The Case of Singapore’s Macaques 28 June 2021
The importance of soil and aquatic carbon exchange in secondary forest carbon storage estimates 21 June 2021
Investigating bacterial communities in waters within seagrass meadows 18 June 2021
Title: How does Gelasimus vocans cope at a sandy micro-habitat compared to its conspecifics at typical muddy-sandy habitats at Pasir Ris? 18 June 2021
Assessing genetic diversity and extinction risk of the vulnerable seagrass Halophila beccarii: Genomic tools for ecological restoration of this keystone species in Asia 17 June 2021
Natural Capital Singapore: Assessing the recreational value of coral reefs in Singapore (Southern Islands) 17 June 2021
Plant species Identification 16 June 2021
Ecology of Smooth-Coated Otter (Lutrogale perspicillata) in Singapore's Urban Matrix 14 June 2021
Feeding Ecology of Dugong dugon in Singapore 07 June 2021
Soil carbon fluxes in primary and secondary forests of Bukit Timah Reserve 04 June 2021
Baseline Survey of Wasps in the Singapore Botanic Gardens 03 June 2021
Ecosystem Study 24 May 2021
Eco-cement for protection of coastline and enhancement of marine ecosystem 24 May 2021
Inoculation of ectomycorrhizae (ECM) on dipterocarp seedlings verified by DNA barcoding 21 May 2021
Morphological and Molecular Identification of Ganoderma 21 May 2021
Comparing outcomes of two restoration methods at CCNR and BTNR 18 May 2021
Ecological field course for coastal water and coastal forest sampling 17 May 2021
Exploring the effects of various concrete matrices and roughness on intertidal biodiversity 14 May 2021
Seagrass Monitoring and Sediment Study for Baseline Monitoring 11 May 2021
Large-scale biomanipulation feasibility trials for water quality and environmental management, based on food web dynamics and ecosystem stability in Singapore reservoirs (Reservoir re-survey aspect). 04 May 2021
Role of mycorrhizal fungi in shaping aboveground plant diversity and belowground soil nutrients 03 May 2021
Gene expression atlas of the plant kingdom 03 May 2021
Intertidal and Subtidal Reef Survey at Pulau Semakau 01 May 2021
Examining the effects of substrate materials on parrotfish grazing activities on seawalls 01 May 2021
Filming of Costasiella sea slugs 29 April 2021
Analysis of Flower Volatiles Using Headspace GCMS 28 April 2021
Parasites as a proxy to assess urbanization effects on long-tailed macaques 27 April 2021
Long-tailed macaques’ (M. fascicularis) sensitivity to human presence in urban and forested Singapore 26 April 2021
Study of soil variety in Singapore 21 April 2021
Native cricket species as source of alternative protein in aquaculture feed 21 April 2021
A comprehensive survey of beetle species in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve 16 April 2021
Water Resources Management: Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park 09 April 2021
Investigation of Cleansing Biotopes for Surface Runoff in Singapore's Context 08 April 2021
EBS Study for Chua Chu Kang N1(Near Sungei Pang Sua) and EIA Study for Southern Tengah (HDB) 06 April 2021
A study of on bees, wasps, and their floral interactions in wetland habitats of the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve and Kranji Marshes 06 April 2021
­ Population Genomics of Singaporean Flora 05 April 2021
Conservation biology of the Singapore freshwater crab (Johora singaporensis): understanding drought and acidification impacts 30 March 2021
Characterizing Singapore’s Geothermal Biodiversity 24 March 2021
Understanding the distribution and concentration of heavy metal and microplastics in Singapore reefs, and the suitability of Diadema setosum as a bioindicator 24 March 2021
Biodiversity Baseline Survey for Land Clearance Site in Woodlands 24 March 2021
Southern Islands Biodiversity Survey (Intertidal) 24 March 2021
Rural Flavivirus surveillance in Singapore 24 March 2021
Assessing the efficacy of Singapore’s largest artificial reef structures for biodiversity conservation, research test-bedding, and promoting marine environment outreach and education 18 March 2021
Specialist Consultancy Services for EIA for Proposed Coastal Works 15 March 2021
Isolation of oil-producing soil microbes from Singapore ecosystems for food and biodiesel application 12 March 2021
Long-Term Urban Mangrove Protection, Understanding, & Rehabilitation Project (LUMPUR) 11 March 2021
An investigation of the pollinator diversity of edible plants in allotment gardens 08 March 2021
Microbial transformation of plastics in Singapore 04 March 2021

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