Research Permit Application List

Research Title Permit Issued Date
Perceptions of Otters and human - otter conflicts in Singapore 14 August 2020
Neo Tiew / Sungei Buloh Besar 14 August 2020
Environmental DNA detection of the invasive mussel Mytella strigata in Singapore 13 August 2020
Exploring the microbial diversity of mangrove water samples in Pasir Ris Mangrove Swamp 12 August 2020
Ecologically engineering coastal defences to increase fish biodiversity 12 August 2020
Fish diversity and abundance in Singapore 11 August 2020
Invisible Spectrum of the Natural World 11 August 2020
Plant Dispersal Mechanism of Paracel Islands, China. (中国西沙群岛珊瑚礁岛植物传播机理的研究) 11 August 2020
Land-based cultivation of extractive species 11 August 2020
Phylogenetic relationships of Samydaceae 11 August 2020
What makes non-symbiotic Trema more successful than root nodule-forming Parasponia? A comparative analysis of the root microbiome 11 August 2020
Water sample collection for LSM 4260 Plankton Ecology Practical 07 August 2020
Mammals and Seeds Tracking: Understanding the habitat selection of Singapore’s forest mammals and their impacts on seed dispersal 06 August 2020
The Biodiversity of Central Catchment Nature Reserve 03 August 2020
Non-invasive mammal survey of Central Catchment Nature Reserve with new techniques 03 August 2020
The influence of past sea-level change on the genomic diversity and population history of lowland forest populations 03 August 2020
Smooth-coated otter (Lutrogale perspicillata) navigation in Singapore's urban matrix. 30 July 2020
Determining the utility of aerial photography in analysing forest recovery in Singapore 23 July 2020
Mount Pleasant Proposed Housing Development 21 July 2020
Blue Carbon and Seagrass Ecosystem Services 21 July 2020
Radar Technology: Enhancing Sensing and Imaging 21 July 2020
J107 19 July 2020
Temporal and spatial dynamics of microbe populations in the East Johor Straits 18 July 2020
Microplastic abundance in intertidal environments 16 July 2020
Development of an adaptive framework for assessing risk to environmental stress: an energetics approach to safeguarding Singapore’s corals 15 July 2020
EIS for Proposed Road Widening and Sewer Works along Lorong Lada Hitam 13 July 2020
Sex allocation, reproductive strategies and reproductive senescence in fungiid corals: a comparative study in the coral reefs of Israel and Singapore 13 July 2020
Rapid survey of common palm civets in Wessex/Portsdown 13 July 2020
Singapore Wild Boars – Quantify Environmental Impacts, Understand and Model Population Demographics and Home Ranges across Habitats (Part 1: Population Modelling) 12 July 2020
Detection of Microplastic in natural green mussels 12 July 2020
EIA for Outdoor Adventure Learning Centre at Rifle Range Road by MOE 09 July 2020
Aquatic fauna surveys in CCNR 09 July 2020
Apple Snails as Bioindicators of Microplastic Pollution in Rivers/Water Bodies. 08 July 2020
Nanyang Pipeline 07 July 2020
Biodiversity Beach Patrol 07 July 2020
Occurrence, fate and transport of micropastics in singapore’s coastal ecosystems 06 July 2020
61802374 – Biodiversity Cultivation & Enhancement at Keppel Bay Plot 4 (Seagrass Transplantation) 06 July 2020
Detection and identification of microbes in waterbodies using a customized high-throughput microarray - PhyloChip 03 July 2020
A study of Birds' Songs within Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve 01 July 2020
Assessing growth and recovery of the Neptune’s Cup Sponge (Cliona patera) in Singapore 01 July 2020
DNA Barcoding On The Go 29 June 2020
Mangrove Management in Singapore; Intensive Management Vs Natural Growth: Case study of Pasir Ris Park Mangrove. 29 June 2020
Aquatic Baseline Study in Western Region of Poyan Reservoir 24 June 2020
Environmental Impact Study for Road Project in Sembawang 23 June 2020
Investigating mangrove environments to reconstruct historical sea-level changes in Singapore 19 June 2020
61802201 Coral Relocation and Reef Habitat Monitoring Services for the Reef Garden Project 11 June 2020
Total Fecal Coliform Levels as an Indicative Factor of Water Quality in Bedok Reservoir, an Unprotected Catchment in Singapore 30 March 2020
Effects of movement on camouflage in spiders 30 March 2020
Investigating the risk of human disease from parasites of small mammals 26 March 2020
Natural Capital Singapore- Recreational Fisheries 25 March 2020

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