Research Permit Application List

Research Title Permit Issued Date
Diversity of enlarged chelicerae in the ant-mimicking jumping spiders in Singapore 01 August 2019
Examining demographic and social network factors influencing human-macaque interactions in Singapore to inform management strategies: a pilot study. 01 August 2019
Cataloging fungi and their spores in Nature Parks of Singapore 22 July 2019
Natural interactions of a native freshwater fish – a non-invasive study 22 July 2019
Genomic data on opsin genes in jumping spiders 22 July 2019
Soil sampling for antimicrobial resistance in bacteria and the role of bacteriophages 22 July 2019
Cross Island Line Raffles' Banded Langur Survey 18 July 2019
A comprehensive survey of beetle species in Singapore 15 July 2019
Impacts of artificial floating wetlands installation on the aquatic biodiversity and ecology in a tropical granite quarry pond 15 July 2019
A survey on macroalgae of Chek Jawa 15 July 2019
Baseline and Monitoring Surveys for Long-tailed Macaques in Mandai 15 July 2019
Water sample collection for LSM 4260 Plankton Ecology Practical 14 July 2019
Ecologically engineering coastal defences to increase fish biodiversity 11 July 2019
Environmental Baseline Survey for Proposed Development of Infrastructure at CTP, Bahar 09 July 2019
Basic Health Assessment and Diagnostic Parameters of Sunda Colugos (Galeopterus variegatus) 09 July 2019
Behaviour, evolution and biogeography of spiders 03 July 2019
Full genome deep sequencing of Aquilaria malaccensis 01 July 2019
Influence of public visitorship on rates of artificial nest predation at SBWR 01 July 2019
Influence of public visitorship on vertebrate community attracted to supplementary feeding baits at SBWR 01 July 2019
Effect of microplastics on marine bacteria 26 June 2019
Initiation of a Monitoring Project to assess the impact of Extreme Urbanisation on Marine Biodiversity 25 June 2019
Spider Behavioural studies 13 June 2019
­ Population Genomics of Singaporean Flora 13 June 2019
Sambar deer study 13 June 2019
Comparing fish assemblages associated with grouted and ungrouted seawalls in Singapore 13 June 2019
Determination of traits controlling the diverse symbiotic communities found in carnivorous pitcher plants (Nepenthes) 07 June 2019
Biodiversity Beach Patrol 04 June 2019
Genetic Diversity of Basidiomycetes fungi isolated from mushroom fruiting bodies in Singapore 04 June 2019
Various classes on plant diversity, taxonomy, identification, and horticulture 31 May 2019
Ectoparasite Fauna of Pulau Ubin 30 May 2019
The ecology, life history and evolutionary biology of Aerodramus swiftlets in Singapore 30 May 2019
Sex allocation, reproductive strategies and reproductive senescence in fungiid corals: a comparative study in the coral reefs of Israel and Singapore 24 May 2019
Communicating Biodiversity: How cities mobilize support for conservation across different viewpoints 24 May 2019
Feasibility Study at Mandai Mangrove and Mudflat 23 May 2019
Comparing Tree Functional Traits between Ecosystems in Singapore 22 May 2019
Elucidating the reproductive strategy of the Neptune’s Cup sponge, Cliona patera in Singapore waters 22 May 2019
Population-genomic and habitat study of horseshoe crabs of Singapore 21 May 2019
Diversity of ceratocanthinae beetles in association with Termites and/or Ants 15 May 2019
The potential of odonates as biological control of mosquitoes and other insect pests in urban aquatic environments 14 May 2019
A study on the inoculation of Dipterocarpaceae seedlings with local ectomycorrhizal fungi 14 May 2019
Water sampling for antimicrobial resistance in bacteria and the role of bacteriophages 13 May 2019
Sample collection for laboratory classes 06 May 2019
Lesser Bamboo Bat Relocation 02 May 2019
Detection of sawfishes using environmental DNA 29 April 2019
An eco-design portfolio for the urban marine environment 29 April 2019
Resolution of taxonomic confusion of nereidid polychaetes, ecologically important species groups in coastal and estuarine waters. 29 April 2019
Natural Capital Singapore- Carbon and Wave Assessment 26 April 2019
Plant Dispersal Mechanism of Paracel Islands, China. (中国西沙群岛珊瑚礁岛植物传播机理的研究) 26 April 2019
Understanding species interaction and linkages within food webs on seawalls in Singapore 26 April 2019
Environmental DNA detection of the invasive mussel Mytella strigata in Singapore 25 April 2019

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