Research Permit Application List

Research Title Permit Issued Date
Elucidating factors shaping microbial niches post-introduction from landscape soil into urban waterway sediments 22 February 2022
Assessment of Visual Quality of urban landscape in health promotion 21 February 2022
Understanding marine biotic colonization on biodiversity enhancement tiles at Changi Bay seawall 21 February 2022
Structural and hormonal basis of colour variation in the Common Bluetail damselfly 15 February 2022
Study the tracking and migration of 10 Hawksbill Turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) 10 February 2022
Characterising water properties and seabed (benthic) faunal assemblages from subtidal of Singapore 10 February 2022
Distribution of Cyrtodactylus and taxonomic investigation of C. quadrivirgatus and C. semenanjungensis 09 February 2022
Expert System to Identify the Common Plants and Animals of Singapore 09 February 2022
Biodiversity survey of wildlife within J102 at night 08 February 2022
Isolation of microalgal strains for starch production. 08 February 2022
Does forest restoration restore the leaf litter microfauna community and feeding activity? 08 February 2022
Reconstructing past sea-level changes in Singapore using coral microatolls 07 February 2022
Presence of parasites in our local butterfly population (Singapore) 04 February 2022
Forensic Soil Analysis and Study 04 February 2022
Productivity and carbon budget of marine macroalgae in Singapore 03 February 2022
SIMPLE: Singapore Marine Planktonic Eukaryotes 03 February 2022
Various classes on plant diversity, taxonomy, physiology, identification, and horticulture 31 January 2022
Reforestation research at the Central Catchment Nature Reserve 29 January 2022
Revised Firefly Checklist for Mainland Singapore 28 January 2022
Development of seawater desalination process - 2nd location 28 January 2022
Can root traits inform and predict primary forest resilience and secondary forest succession in Singapore’s forests? 27 January 2022
Plant collecting for the SBG Herbarium. 27 January 2022
61801853: Provision of Ad-hoc Environmental Services for a Period of Three Years 27 January 2022
Study on the ultrasonic acoustic of Orthoptera in Singapore 27 January 2022
Tree risk management: Parameterization of mechanistic wind risk models in Singapore 18 January 2022
Advancing mariculture for research, conservation, and sustainable aquarium trade 18 January 2022
Geophysical Survey for 3D geo-modelling and geo-data management system 18 January 2022
Systematics and hidden diversity of the mangrove pit viper (Trimeresurus purpureomaculatus) 18 January 2022
Botanical Ink-making Research 08 January 2022
Terrestrial Flora and Fauna Survey of Southern Islands of Singapore 01 January 2022
Study at East Johor Strait 01 January 2022
Provision of marine organisms for research purpose 27 December 2021
Ubin Otter Behaviour Monitoring 23 December 2021
Life in hot water - adaptation of cyanobacteria to life in Singapore's unique geothermal springs 21 December 2021
Creating Cooler Parks 14 December 2021
Ecological interactions of stick insects 06 December 2021
Long-Term Forest Ecological Monitoring 06 December 2021
Modulation of seaweed biofunctional, digestive and flavour properties by application of different cooking methods. 06 December 2021
Acoustic monitoring of marine megafauna 26 November 2021
Eco-Analysis 26 November 2021
Detection of Microplastic in natural green mussels 26 November 2021
The ecology, life history and evolutionary biology of Aerodramus swiftlets in Singapore 22 November 2021
Multimodal approaches to understand insect biodiversity 22 November 2021
Biodegradable materials for marine robotics 22 November 2021
Locating and testing red soil samples in Singapore for chemical looping applications 16 November 2021
Songbird Study 16 November 2021
Mangrove living shorelines 15 November 2021
Understanding the distribution and trophic transfer of microplastics in reef ecology 15 November 2021
Yishun Neighbourhood 5 15 November 2021
C9175 DTL2 extension 09 November 2021

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