Research Permit Application List

Research Title Permit Issued Date
The retention of microplastics in Singapore’s coastal habitats 17 August 2021
Distribution and concentration of microplastics in freshwater sediments in Singapore, with an assessment of microplastic uptake by a freshwater gastropod Melanoides tuberculata 16 August 2021
An updated distribution of freshwater molluscs around Singapore, and the effect of Pomacea species on freshwater mollusc communities 11 August 2021
Investigating macrophyte-associated fish and macroinvertebrate communities in Lower Seletar Reservoir. 11 August 2021
Disease ecology on Singapore's reefs: role of nutrients and Vibrio bacteria in coral holobiont health 11 August 2021
Seawater UF & RO Desalination lab-scale Experiments 11 August 2021
Investigating Trace Metal Concentrations in Mangrove Sediments and Seawater using Passive Samplers 04 August 2021
Singapore Wild Boars – Quantify Environmental Impacts, Understand and Model Population Demographics and Home Ranges across Habitats (Part 1: Population Modelling) 02 August 2021
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for Reconstruction of Choa Chu Kang Waterworks 31 July 2021
Movement ecology of select forest mammal species and their relative importance for seed dispersal in Singapore’s forests 31 July 2021
Aquatic fauna surveys in CCNR 30 July 2021
Specialist Consultancy Services for Environmental Impact Assessment for Proposed Coastal Works 30 July 2021
Abundance estimates and habitat selection of nocturnal vertebrates in Singapore’s forests via line transects 30 July 2021
Autecology of the introduced (giant snakehead, Channa micropeltes) and the native (common snakehead, Channa striata) snakeheads in Singapore’s urban reservoirs 29 July 2021
Cashin House EMMP 29 July 2021
EMMP For CR101 Changi East Depot 29 July 2021
Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Big Tree Maintenance and Resurvey 29 July 2021
Using Functional Groups to Analyse Forest Regeneration in Singapore 29 July 2021
Assessment of intertidal sponge bioactivity in Singapore, with emphasis on anti-biofouling chemical defence systems 28 July 2021
The Bird Vending Machine: a study on the intelligence of urban birds 28 July 2021
NEA Marine Litter and Microplastics Consultancy Study 27 July 2021
Digitalising Cultural Heritage in Singapore: Cemeteries and Graveyards 23 July 2021
Orthoptera in the scat content of the Lesser False Vampire (Megaderma spasma) in Pulau Ubin, Singapore 21 July 2021
Cooling Singapore 2.0 - DUCT 19 July 2021
Project Heat Safe: Environmental Monitoring of Workplaces 19 July 2021
Marine skaters of Singapore 16 July 2021
Effects of PAH-spiked Microplastics on Macroalgae photosynthesis 16 July 2021
Apple Snails as Bioindicators of Microplastic Pollution in Rivers/Water Bodies. 14 July 2021
Local adaptation and plasticity in metabolic depression as a strategy to survive climate change in the tropics 12 July 2021
Biodiversity Beach Patrol 12 July 2021
Specialist Consultancy Services for Environmental Impact Assessment for Proposed Coastal Works 28 June 2021
Managing Human-Animal conflict: The Case of Singapore’s Macaques 28 June 2021
The importance of soil and aquatic carbon exchange in secondary forest carbon storage estimates 21 June 2021
Investigating bacterial communities in waters within seagrass meadows 18 June 2021
Title: How does Gelasimus vocans cope at a sandy micro-habitat compared to its conspecifics at typical muddy-sandy habitats at Pasir Ris? 18 June 2021
Assessing genetic diversity and extinction risk of the vulnerable seagrass Halophila beccarii: Genomic tools for ecological restoration of this keystone species in Asia 17 June 2021
Natural Capital Singapore: Assessing the recreational value of coral reefs in Singapore (Southern Islands) 17 June 2021
Plant species Identification 16 June 2021
Ecology of Smooth-Coated Otter (Lutrogale perspicillata) in Singapore's Urban Matrix 14 June 2021
Feeding Ecology of Dugong dugon in Singapore 07 June 2021
Soil carbon fluxes in primary and secondary forests of Bukit Timah Reserve 04 June 2021
Baseline Survey of Wasps in the Singapore Botanic Gardens 03 June 2021
Ecosystem Study 24 May 2021
Eco-cement for protection of coastline and enhancement of marine ecosystem 24 May 2021
Inoculation of ectomycorrhizae (ECM) on dipterocarp seedlings verified by DNA barcoding 21 May 2021
Morphological and Molecular Identification of Ganoderma 21 May 2021
Comparing outcomes of two restoration methods at CCNR and BTNR 18 May 2021
Ecological field course for coastal water and coastal forest sampling 17 May 2021
Exploring the effects of various concrete matrices and roughness on intertidal biodiversity 14 May 2021

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