Research Permit Application List

Research Title Permit Issued Date
Understanding the population genetics of hawksbill turtles in Singapore 07 October 2019
Development of seawater desalination process - 2nd location 03 October 2019
Grade 4 Open minds 30 September 2019
Mudflat Experience 30 September 2019
Ecophysiological responses and the profiling of mRNA under drought stress in dipterocarp species 26 September 2019
Microbial isolates for the production of value-added metabolites and proteins 23 September 2019
Understanding the grazing activity and food preference of intertidal gastropods on seawalls in Singapore 19 September 2019
Isolation of bacteria from soil to study EVA biodegradation 19 September 2019
Investigating the abundance, distribution and impacts of macro- and micro-plastics in urban tropical freshwater habitats with Singapore as a case study 17 September 2019
Ecological interactions of stick insects 16 September 2019
Benefits of greenery - Differences among tree species in providing cooling and sequestering carbon, and efficient methods to infer their abilities 13 September 2019
Research Permit Application – Intertidal and Seagrass Survey at Changi Beach Park (Period: 1 September 2019 to 30 September 2019) 31 August 2019
CTFS plot census 2018 30 August 2019
Study on the ultrasonic acoustic of Orthoptera in Singapore 30 August 2019
Student Learning Across Boundaries - Wildlife Conservation & Field Ecology Techniques 30 August 2019
Population density and habitat selection of Sunda colugo (Galeopterus variegatus) in Singapore: revisit after 13 years 28 August 2019
Public Perception of Coastal Defences and Its Enhancements 23 August 2019
Investigating sound attenuation of bird calls in tropical forests: distance estimation based on recorded sound levels 23 August 2019
Noise Measurement Trial 23 August 2019
Habitat Monitoring Surveys for Ground-truthing Exercise 21 August 2019
Do green-crested lizards and changeable lizards share similar habitat niches? 19 August 2019
Can root traits inform and predict primary forest resilience and secondary forest succession in Singapore’s forests? 19 August 2019
The Role of Seagrass on Fish Assemblages in Singapore 16 August 2019
Autecology of the greenhouse frog, Eleutherodactylus planirostris, in Singapore 16 August 2019
Taxonomy of Limnonectes paramacrodon complex in Singapore 14 August 2019
New Soil-Water Management Technologies For Sustainable Urban Greenery 07 August 2019
Feeding Ecology of Dugong dugon in Singapore 07 August 2019
CODEFISH-SG: Building a foundation for a unified marine biodiversity knowledge base by analysing Singapore’s marine ichthyofauna using morphological and molecular tools 07 August 2019
Passive Acoustic Monitoring of Coral Reef Ecosystem Health 05 August 2019
Acoustic monitoring of marine megafauna 05 August 2019
Factors influencing nesting in the hawksbill turtle, Eretmochelys imbricata, in Singapore 02 August 2019
Diversity of enlarged chelicerae in the ant-mimicking jumping spiders in Singapore 01 August 2019
Examining demographic and social network factors influencing human-macaque interactions in Singapore to inform management strategies: a pilot study. 01 August 2019
Cataloging fungi and their spores in Nature Parks of Singapore 22 July 2019
Natural interactions of a native freshwater fish – a non-invasive study 22 July 2019
Genomic data on opsin genes in jumping spiders 22 July 2019
Soil sampling for antimicrobial resistance in bacteria and the role of bacteriophages 22 July 2019
Cross Island Line Raffles' Banded Langur Survey 18 July 2019
A comprehensive survey of beetle species in Singapore 15 July 2019
Impacts of artificial floating wetlands installation on the aquatic biodiversity and ecology in a tropical granite quarry pond 15 July 2019
A survey on macroalgae of Chek Jawa 15 July 2019
Baseline and Monitoring Surveys for Long-tailed Macaques in Mandai 15 July 2019
Water sample collection for LSM 4260 Plankton Ecology Practical 14 July 2019
Ecologically engineering coastal defences to increase fish biodiversity 11 July 2019
Environmental Baseline Survey for Proposed Development of Infrastructure at CTP, Bahar 09 July 2019
Basic Health Assessment and Diagnostic Parameters of Sunda Colugos (Galeopterus variegatus) 09 July 2019
Behaviour, evolution and biogeography of spiders 03 July 2019
Full genome deep sequencing of Aquilaria malaccensis 01 July 2019
Influence of public visitorship on rates of artificial nest predation at SBWR 01 July 2019
Influence of public visitorship on vertebrate community attracted to supplementary feeding baits at SBWR 01 July 2019

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