Research Permit Application List

Research Title Permit Issued Date
Environmental Impact Assessment for Enhancement Works at Pulau Ubin 26 February 2021
Sources, impacts and solutions for plastics in South East Asia coastal environments 22 February 2021
Eonycteris bat biology, population genetics, and disease ecology 15 February 2021
Urban Metabolism Analysis for wood and horticulture waste in Singapore 09 February 2021
Computerised Management of Urban Trees: Tree Inspection Using Satellite Data 09 February 2021
Survey of intertidal communities and coastal forest vegetation on St John's Island and Lazarus Island as part of undergraduate AAB30A course 08 February 2021
Ecological field class to study vegetation types 04 February 2021
Hidden Treasures: Reimagining Our Thriving Shores 04 February 2021
Phytoremediation: A Sustainable Approach Towards Ecosystem Restoration and Land Remediation 04 February 2021
Kranji AFIP 29 January 2021
Elucidating factors shaping microbial niches post-introduction from landscape soil into urban waterway sediments 26 January 2021
Life Cycle Cost of Less-manicured Landscapes 25 January 2021
Mosquito (Diptera: Culicidae) diversity in Singapore 25 January 2021
Berlayer creek 24 January 2021
Reforestation research at the Central Catchment Nature Reserve 22 January 2021
Characterising water properties and seabed (benthic) faunal assemblages from subtidal of Singapore 21 January 2021
SIMPLE: Singapore Marine Planktonic Eukaryotes 20 January 2021
Investigation on biotic and abiotic drivers of Pitcher plant (Nepenthes) and their prey species at Kent Ridge Park 06 January 2021
Study the tracking and migration of 10 Hawksbill Turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) 31 December 2020
Isolation of soil bacteria 22 December 2020
Trail following behaviour in Onchidium species 18 December 2020
Reconstructing past sea-level changes in Singapore using coral microatolls 10 December 2020
Study on the ultrasonic acoustic of Orthoptera in Singapore 09 December 2020
Investigating how the Johor River sediment affects Singapore’s coastal water quality 04 December 2020
Advancing mariculture for research, conservation, and sustainable aquarium trade 03 December 2020
Investigation of bleaching in the aggregating sea anemone Isactinia citrina 02 December 2020
Microbial isolates for the production of value-added metabolites and proteins 02 December 2020
Phenology of Resident Tropical Birds 02 December 2020
Conduct environmental monitoring at Pulau Ubin to enhance student learning (from NP/RP18-117b) 02 December 2020
Sentosa DGS 30 November 2020
Tracing the origins of introduced herpetofauna in Singapore 27 November 2020
The ecology, life history and evolutionary biology of Aerodramus swiftlets in Singapore 18 November 2020
Can root traits inform and predict primary forest resilience and secondary forest succession in Singapore’s forests? 17 November 2020
Allometric relationships between leaves and stem across the angiosperm flora 17 November 2020
Rapid and non-destructive detection of incipient tree root decay 17 November 2020
Mangroves' biodiversity and evolution 11 November 2020
Study of the effect of live tree root morphology on soil profile infiltration 11 November 2020
Revised Firefly Checklist for Mainland Singapore 11 November 2020
The effects of biotic and abiotic factors on the orientation pattern of pseudofaecal pellets of Scopimera intermedia in Singapore. 09 November 2020
Insects and other Arthropods of SBG 09 November 2020
Coastal Floristic Survey of Southern Islands of Singapore 06 November 2020
Ecological interactions of stick insects 06 November 2020
A Survey of the Flora and Fauna of a patch of Forest along Common Avenue West 05 November 2020
Assessing sub-species of migratory shorebird species wintering in Singapore by using next generation DNA sequencing 05 November 2020
Benefits of greenery: differences among tree species in providing cooling and sequestering carbon, and efficient methods to infer their abilities 30 October 2020
Soil sampling for antimicrobial resistance in bacteria and the role of bacteriophages 30 October 2020
Does forest restoration help to restore soil-leaf litter macrofauna diversity? 29 October 2020
A comprehensive survey of beetle species in Singapore 28 October 2020
Characterisation of Soil Across Singapore for Application in Forensic Pedology 28 October 2020
Niche dynamics of co-occurring overwintering migratory shorebirds in Singapore 27 October 2020

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