Research Permit Application List

Research Title Permit Issued Date
Long term monitoring of the Moths Population in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve 23 March 2020
Characterizing Singapore’s Geothermal Biodiversity 19 March 2020
Marine Invertebrate-Associated Bacteria: Microbial Diversity and Applications Toward Conservation Efforts 16 March 2020
Research Permit Application – Water quality and Sediment quality Surveys at Marsiling Park (Period: 01 March 2020 to 30 April 2020) 09 March 2020
Monitoring of the extension of distribution of moths beyond Bukit Timah Nature Reserve 04 March 2020
Plant collecting for the SBG Herbarium. 04 March 2020
Ant community responses to urbanization and associated climatic environment 28 February 2020
shin test if applicant receive email with pdfs after permit issuance (may be deleted after test) 28 February 2020
The effectiveness of nature ways in supporting local pollinator biodiversity 27 February 2020
Southern Islands Biodiversity Survey (Intertidal) 27 February 2020
Terrestrial Faunal Survey of Southern Islands of Singapore 27 February 2020
Springleaf Consultancy Study 27 February 2020
Pilot study: Breeding system of the lesser coucal (Centropus bengalensis) 25 February 2020
Ecologically engineering Singapore’s seawalls to enhance biodiversity 25 February 2020
Investigating the Spatial and Temporal Use of Rail Corridor 20 February 2020
Development of a feeding protocol for mangrove horseshoe crabs, Carcinoscorpius rotundicauda 20 February 2020
The molecular mechanism of reproduction in invasive algae 19 February 2020
Population ecology and conservation of Macrobrachium ahkowi 07 February 2020
Conservation biology of the Singapore freshwater crab (Johora singaporensis): understanding drought and acidification impacts 07 February 2020
Investigating Avian Lice Diversity in Singapore (Insecta: Phthiraptera) 07 February 2020
Rural Flavivirus surveillance in Singapore 06 February 2020
Environmental Impact Study for Road Project in Lorong Halus 06 February 2020
Teaching of underwater bioacoustics at Labrador Nature Park 05 February 2020
Preliminary study on the soundscape of the coastal marine environment of Singapore 05 February 2020
Yishun Neighbourhood 5 04 February 2020
Assessing Elevated Parks and its potential Cost Benefit Analysis to Bukit Timah-Rochor Green Corridor 04 February 2020
Contract C1503 : Pasir Ris Rail Turnback Project Water Sampling 04 February 2020
CR2005 Cross Island Line Package 2 EIA 03 February 2020
Suitability of polychaetes as sustainable feed for mud crabs 31 January 2020
Field practical sessions for undergraduate course in ecology 30 January 2020
An Estimation and Assessment of Carbon Stocks in the Nee Soon Swamp Forest 29 January 2020
Computerised Management of Urban Trees: Tree Inspection Using Satellite Data 23 January 2020
Elucidating factors shaping microbial niches post-introduction from landscape soil into urban waterway sediments 17 January 2020
Propagating native secondary forest species 16 January 2020
Microbial diversity associated with marine gastropods in Singapore 16 January 2020
Ensuring the future of perennial crops in Southeast Asia in a context of global change: case of Garcinia mangostana 15 January 2020
Ocean Park Eco Study Tour, trail camera installation 03 January 2020
ULS2208 (Biodiversity and Natural History in Singapore) Module Fieldtrip 03 January 2020
Diversity of Blattodae in Dairy Farm Nature Park and Hindhede Nature Park 02 January 2020
Methodologies for screening and documentation of micro-molluscs in intertidal and benthic communities around Singapore 26 December 2019
Assessing the biodiversity of Nature Ways 26 December 2019
Terrestrial Faunal Survey of Southern Islands of Singapore 26 December 2019
Understanding the ecology and behaviour of sea cucumbers, with special note on Holothuria scabra at St. John’s Island and Lazarus Island 23 December 2019
The Spatial Distribution of Cultural Ecosystem Services in Singapore 23 December 2019
Flora and Fauna photography tour 20 December 2019
Long Term Environmental Monitoring at Southern Ridges 12 December 2019
Wild boar microbiome 10 December 2019
Investigating the changes in RNA viral types along environmental gradients: a potential threat to the development of sustainable aquaculture 04 December 2019
Sampling & Monitoring of ABC Waters design features 04 December 2019
Investigation of Cleansing Biotopes for Surface Runoff in Singapore's Context 04 December 2019

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