Research Permit Application List

Research Title Permit Issued Date
Hydrology Study at Bukit Batok Neighbourhood 4 30 November 2023
HDB Central Development Construction Environmental Monitoring and Management Plan (cEMMP) 05 December 2023
Living Seawalls for Biodiversity, Water Quality and Coastal Protection 15 November 2023
Provision of Biodiversity Services for Changi Point Environmental Baseline Study 31 October 2023
Monitoring Water Quality and Harmful Algal Blooms in Singapore Coastal Waters with Multispectral and Hyperspectral Satellite Data 27 October 2023
CCNR-WYK Bird and Mammal Surveys 16 November 2023
To confirm identity of a new dragonfly record for S'pore 25 October 2023
"Understanding Mangrove-Wave Interactions for Sustainable Coastal Ecosystem Management" 17 October 2023
An Integrated Socio-temporal Study of Outdoor Recreation Spaces in Singapore 09 November 2023
Establishing contemporary rates of coral reef growth in Singapore 12 October 2023
Investigating effects of dissolved nutrients on coastal phytoplankton community structure in the Singapore Straits and Johor Straits 30 October 2023
RSAF wildlife consultancy habitat ecological study 17 October 2023
Field Measurements of Wave Attenuation over Coastal Vegetation – 2. Mangroves 25 October 2023
Machine learning-enhanced geophysical methods for geological profiling and/or anomaly detection 27 September 2023
Estimating spatial variation in soil carbon stocks in mangroves 26 October 2023
Diversity and functions of the mycobiome associated with corals in Singapore 27 September 2023
Feasibility study using a single operation to acquire nearshore topography and bathymetry data – aerial surveys via Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). 19 September 2023
Cockroaches and Termites of Central Catchment Nature Reserve 02 October 2023
Assessing Urban Ecosystem Services in Jurong Lake Garden 08 November 2023
Propagation of native secondary forest species 08 November 2023
Biodiversity assessments of buildings and parks 22 September 2023
Diversity of meiofauna in intertidal soft sediment habits 27 September 2023
Investigating the potential impact of climate change on the Singapore freshwater crab 28 August 2023
Effect of different slope angles of man-made structures on the health and survival of transplanted Scleractinian corals. 31 August 2023
Predicting how climate change will impact seagrasses from 2023 to 2053 21 August 2023
Survey of Raffles’ Banded Langur in MINDEF forest along Upper Thomson Road 17 August 2023
Bryopsis sp. and slug symbiosis 29 August 2023
Diversity and Distribution of Caddisflies (INSECTA: TRICHOPTERA) in Singapore 02 October 2023
Feasibility study using a single operation to acquire nearshore topography and bathymetry data 19 September 2023
Gene expression atlas of the plant kingdom 31 August 2023
A survey of freshwater snails in the Central Catchment Nature Reserve and buffer streams with a focus on Melanoides tuberculata diet and distribution 04 October 2023
Environmental Study For Seawall at Changi 28 August 2023
A) Seagrass community diversity study and B) Stress indicators of intertidal Onchidium spp in Singapore 04 October 2023
Microbial communities of seagrasses 18 August 2023
Insect biodiversity survey of the Central Catchment Nature Reserve & its environs 27 July 2023
EIA at Tengah Heavy Vehicle Parking 17 August 2023
Comparing Baited and Non-Baited Underwater Video Surveys for Fish Communities 13 September 2023
Survey and Monitoring Works for PUB Water Pipelines from Bukit Kalang to Upper Thomson Road (Construction & Post-construction Phases) 18 August 2023
Analysis of black-naped oriole vocalisations 04 September 2023
EIA for Lower Seletar Reservoir for the Deployment and Operation of Floating Solar PV Systems 11 August 2023
Specialist Consultancy Services for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for Former Turf Club at Bukit Timah 19 July 2023
Investigating variations in phytoplankton biomass and taxa dominance along Singapore’s coast and over the monsoon seasons, thus measuring how carbon flux changes through primary productivity in Singapore’s waters. 28 August 2023
[CCNR&E Comprehensive Biodiversity Survey] Spider Diversity 11 August 2023
Rooting for Roots 22 June 2023
Will Gelasimus vocans larder hoard instead of drove in a low food resource habitat? 16 June 2023
Site Clearance and Land Preparation Works at Pasir Ris Wafer Fabrication Park EMMP (JTC22T0144) 12 July 2023
Multiple tree/shrub species fluorescence study using different tools 19 June 2023
Comparison of eco-friendly park (Tampines Eco Green Park) and recreational park (Sun Plaza Park) in terms of population size of herbs species and pH of the soil 22 June 2023

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